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Our Journey

We are two women that decided to bet on ourselves, and by doing so, Stir Coffee Bar was brought to fruition. 

This journey began because we craved a local coffee shop in West Omaha. We’d joke about opening our own someday, not really sure if the other one was serious or not. After knowing each other for six years, we’d often find ourselves having deep conversations about life and what we wanted out of our careers. We soon realized that we’ve both dreamt about opening our own business growing up, but didn’t know how to start or share that dream with others. At this point, we started to do research and when the time came to make actual decisions, the joke became a reality.

It’s no secret that humans are wired for connection. We kept this in mind when choosing Stir as our name and deciding what we wanted our space to offer. Our goal is to stir up the community by making connections. We created a space where new relationships can be built or old relationships can be strengthened. Stir would not be what it is without all of the humans that have helped us turn our dream into reality. For this reason, we want to continue strengthening our community through and with humans, preferably over a cup of coffee.

The things we crave about local coffee shops is the unique taste and attention to detail when making each cup of coffee. We knew right away that we wanted Stir to have these same qualities for every item on our menu, so we carefully crafted our list of vendors. We chose small businesses in or near our community that cares greatly about their craft. Our menu offers coffee, tea, and small foods. All items that are easy to enjoy, while connecting with your favorite humans.


16950 Wright Plaza Suite 137
Omaha, NE 68130



6:30 AM–6 PM

7 AM–3 PM