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From coffee, all the way to our overnight oats, there’s nothing we wouldn’t devour ourselves.

Everyone has their own story, so we want to share ours.


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“We are foremost coffee roasters—serving sweet and complex coffees to coffee bars, restaurants and homes that are getting after excellence all over the world. We’re intentionally small and focused, getting after quality the best way we know how: roasting small quantities of mind-opening specialty coffees.”


“We don’t just bake desserts. We pour our hearts into them. From our buttery, soft cinnamon rolls to our signature Brown Sugar Cardamom cake, each recipe is expertly developed to both inspire the palate and evoke a sense of delicious nostalgia – to strike a perfect balance between imaginative and timeless. Most importantly, we use from-scratch ingredients and make every item by hand in our little kitchen, so you can feel good knowing exactly where and who your food comes from.”

“Each week, we produce a new, fresh menu of packaged and prepared meals with a healthful focus. We offer a plant-based set, & an omnivorous option. Never compromising great taste for affordability & convenience.”

“Conscious Comforts is a wholesome vegan and gluten-free kitchen. They’re a pick-up/delivery service with orders needing to be placed 36 hours in advance. In addition to this, they schedule pop-up events and are fill-in weekly vendors at local farmer’s markets. They hope to continuously learn of new ways to become more accessible to you and your tastebuds!”

“When I initially started eating gluten-free, I struggled to find a bread that satisfied me the way that the traditional ones would. I wanted one that was vegan, didn’t contain random gums and fillers, or tasted like cardboard. I also really craved the satisfying flavor of a naturally leavened sourdough. After about a year of using my magic gluten-free sourdough starter, using my family members as test subjects, and trying all sorts of variations of a wheat-free sourdough, I have the Bella Bread Sourdough I make for you all today.” – Bella


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